About my specialization:

Contemporary, dynamic art in form of paintings, installations and photographs. In his Master studies, Aleksandar, degreed with a cycle of “Ars Sacra”- a way of art who is dealing with biblical topics often exposed in churches and institutions of Christianity In the last period of his art carrier he focused on mental status and emotions of humans using their bodies to express it.

Techniques used:

Markovic uses mostly acrylic colour on canvas with a multi-coloured dynamic way of painting. The colours changed in the course of his carrier, but the ground colours which you can nearly find in every painting is magenta, pink, violet and black. Additionally, he likes to emphasize the anatomy of bodies with silicon, in his actual works he is using a 3 D-pen.

Art Critics

„In Aleksandar Markovic’s pictures it is visible emphasized interest for moving, action and dynamic. In the first plan of picture is a black silhouette of human body in movement. Internal strength and dynamic which move those body is already earlier emphasized by mentioned imagery of the body as a silhouette. It is interesting and successful example of connecting the principles of action painting and elements of futuristic poetics.” (Ivan Vukoja - art historical)

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